The Afternoon Dump: Fantasy Baseball Players You Hate, Tiger Woods: That’s What She Said, Rafael Nadal Has A Message, MacGruber Photobombs, Olivia Munn Is Still Sexy, Hottest Asian Amateur, & Monday Morning Memories


Seth Green is one lucky S.O.B. with Clare Grant.

Sorry for no click-a-chick today, I have two exams so it is kind of hard to get everything done. Tomorrow will be back up dont worry.

I turn 21 in less than three weeks. If you want to buy me a shot let me know. Just kidding.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

5 fantasy players who are screwing you over [unathletic]
Tiger gets heckled with “that’s what she said” joke [Sportress of Blogitude]
NCAA tourney star arrested for breaking bouncers nose [The Sporting Blog]
Kobe just owns the 4th [The Big Lead]
Rafael Nadal gives a message to his fans [Guyism]
American sperm saves Australia [F-Listed]
Dang! No Anchorman sequel [Heavy]
What happens if your female roommate catches you? [Regretful Morning]
Woot! MacGruber photobombs [Holy Taco]
There might be a connection between South Park and a terrorist attack [Bro Bible]
Who is hotter? Black Widow or Invisible Woman? [EgoTV]
Olivia Munn is extremely sexy [Don Chavez]
Slave Leias makes for the sexiest geek car wash ever [Asylum]
This could be the hottest Asian girl out there [Caveman Circus]
Mondays makes girls regret the weekend [Funtasticus]

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