Yet Another Montreal Canadiens Chick Ripping Off Her Shirt For Country/Habs

And the shirtless/bra/bikini videos of Montreal Canadiens chicks continue to roll in after that improbable Game 7 victory over the Capitals.

Yesterday it was Canadiens bikini chick/stripper shaking it inside a hockey arena.

Today we got an email in broken English about how Montreal women support their hockey team. Yes, we can see that. (Add To Bucket List: get your ass to Montreal one day for the strip clubs. You won’t be disappointed.)

Posted: December 5, 2009

Premise of Video: Habs chick, for some reason, ripping off her shirt on a street corner in Montreal, we suppose. File under “Things You Won’t See Nashville Predators Chick Doing.”

Climax of Video: Slight shaking it, a bra, bare skin. This has it all if you are a lonely hockey dork.

Conclusion: Can we please get the Quebec Nordiques back? These French-Canadian hockey women are nuts and we totally appreciate it.