Indianapolis Colts Fan A Step Closer To Having Teen Cheerleader Shaking It In 2010

A couple weeks back, Tax Day to be exact, we introduced you to Indianapolis Colts cheerleader hopeful Kasey Ashley.

She is the 18-year-old high school senior who hopes to land a roster spot with the Colts during the May 5 final round audition, graduate and be shaking it for fat, white Colts fan by training camp.

That dream seems to be close to a reality because there are only 66 cheerleaders left in the competition and Ms. Ashley is 2nd in the voting via the Colts web site.

The Muncie Star-Press is reporting that the journey to the finals hasn’t exactly been easy for this girl just trying to get through prom and the last month of high school.

While the 91 other remaining Colts cheerleader hopefuls were performing in front of judges on April 22, Yorktown’s Kasey Ashley was lying in a hospital bed with a kidney infection.

When her mother, Lisa, called the coach to tell her of Kasey’s situation, she expected the coach not to know who she was talking about, what with nearly 100 candidates, and for Ashley simply to be invited to try again next year. Quite the opposite happened.

The coach told Lisa she knew exactly who Kasey was and that her scores were high enough already to take her to the finals despite missing the practice.

That’s right, boys, we can see the writing on the wall, too.

Kasey is pretty much on this team. Only a huge fail at the finals can stop her from being a teen NFL cheerleader.

Expect bikini calendar photos by June 28 or so.


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