The U.S. Nike World Cup Jersey As Worn By Playboy Chick Danielle Fornarelli


This is where we offer advice to Playboy photographers and the advisors who put this type of shoot together.

We get that Playboy and Nike have a working partnership where Hef’s crew finds a hot chick to model the new U.S. World Cup jersey that has barely seen the light of day.

We get it.

But dammit, who made the call on so much fabric? Who is the asshole who said “Oh, let’s make sure dudes looking for skin can see the jersey”?

We want to see Danielle Fornarelli busting those cannons (34DDs if you are an implant aficionado) loose in the same outfit that our boys will be wearing in South Africa. Instead, you’ll have to visit this link to see what’s doing under Danielle’s shirt.

Next time let’s get a bodypainter to Valspar her chest with that Nike jersey.

[Nike 2010 World Cup Jersey Playboy Photos]

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