The Disgusting Montreal Canadiens Chick Showing Her Habs Underwear Video That You Need To See


We have a little gift for Montreal fan this morning who likes his women with beer guts, Canadiens bikini tops and the matching Habs bottoms.

You win Game 7 over the Capitals and this is your reward.

Dancing Habs chick after the jump.

Shake it, shake it, secouez-le!!!

Posted: April 27, 2010

Premise of Video: Habs fans get blotto and decide it’s time to let the camera roll as Habs chick gets her dance on. Dude tells her exactly what to do since he purchased the tickets and that beer. She obliges.

Climax of Video: “Show me the skirt,” leads to an undies shot.

Conclusion: Look at the guy behind her. She can’t even distract him from the hockey. Impressive concentration on his part.

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