The Afternoon Dump: China Stripped Of Bronze Medal, Celebration FAIL, Worst Dunk Ever, Potential Wives For Larry King, Throwing A Keg Party, Beyonce Likes One Pieces, Jayd Lovely Is Quite Sexy, & Sex Does Sell


Imogen Bailey makes me want to travel down under.

The Mariners finally break their losing streak, beating the Royals last night 3-2. FINALLY.

Have you ever tried 1800 Tequila? The commercials make it look pretty good. Maybe when I am 21 I will try it.

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Afternoon Dump

Ha, China got stripped of a medal [Fox Sports]
Awesome goal celebration FAIL [unathletic]
Coyotes get downright dirty in loss [Guyism]
Weed doesn’t affect the Florida Gators from winning [The Sporting Blog]
Possibly the worst dunk ever [Beat By The Nudge]
Three rules for achieving greatness [Asylum]
9 potential wives for Larry King [Gunaxin]
How to throw a keg party [Holy Taco]
Dont shoot at a cop, its not smart [Regretful Morning]
Subverted street signs [Chuggin Monkeys]
Beyonce pops out her one piece [MoonDog Sports]
Jayd Lovely is quite lovely…and sexy [Big Smudge]
Hotties from head to toe, no joke [Funtasticus]
Does sex sell? I think so [The Chive]
Celebs thrown together is awesome [RandomHOT]

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