Introducing H.S. English Teacher Katie – Our Bikini Mud Wrestling Kentucky Derby 2010 Correspondent


BC’s Kentucky Derby Week is brought to you by Buffalo Trace Whiskey. If you are going to get blotto, do it via the Trace.

This dispatch came into BC HQ last night from Katie, The Kentucky Derby Bikini Mud Wrestler, who also works through the week as a high school English teacher:

I am returning for my second appearance at my favorite commonwealth spring time event, the 136th annual Kentucky Derby. I saw that you guys trademarked a name for me; I like your style BC.

I plan to put on a good looking dress, perch my dedicated Derby hat (over some liquor) on my head, enjoy the gorgeous rays of sunshine that will presumably be present and have an awesome time with those planning to have another life-altering experience. Are you guys going to be on site to provide adequate coverage and support for your favorite Kentucky Derby correspondent?

Let me know, I’ll be looking forward to hang out with you guys face to face; expecting a fine bottle of bourbon in hand. You’ve got to take advantage of that press pass!!

BC won’t be making it to Churchill Downs due to prior commitments so we hired Katie to be our drunken correspondent for Saturday’s festivities.

Suck it, ESPN/NBC/TVG. Let’s see one of you hire a Derby bikini mud wrestler who actually reads intellectual books.

(We’ll still be watching Hank Goldberg for gambling advice.)

[Kentucky Derby Mud Wrestling English Teacher Update: New Photo, Favorite Author And Book]

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