Daily Dump: Mark Sanchez/Jaime-Lynn Sigler WAG Courtship?, Big Ben Lyrics In Eminem Song, Wayne Rooney’s Face On Kneecap, Jenna Jameson/Tito Ortiz Drama, Celine Dion’s Awesome Backyard, Zahia Dehar’s Ass And Kelly Brook In This Bikini


A hot chick you must get to know via her photos – Linsey De Frenne

Busted Coverage would like to take this morning Daily Dump to thank Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon Whiskey for sponsoring Kentucky Derby Week.

It’ll be our drink choice for getting shitfaced and compiling gambling information on horses that will be forgotten about by 6:30 pm Saturday night.

We also have more exciting news about a correspondent we’ve hired to cover the shenanigans from the infield.

In sports WAG news, keep an eye on this one. Mark Sanchez-Jaime Lynn Sigler. They were hanging out over the weekend.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Big Ben lyrics in new Eminem song (bathroom stall) [Mondesis House]

Get to know the Derby horses you’ll be betting on later this week [SB Nation]

Wayne Rooney’s face on some guy’s knee? See it to believe it [Wakefield Express]

Suck it, Arod: Clemson kid could go 20-20 in football TDs/HRs [Larry Brown]

This guy would totally blow Kobe Bryant [Jersey Chaser]

Jenna Jameson is wearing elbow brace after Tito’s alleged beatdown [CelebSlam]

Tim Tebow jerseys are hottest buy since Jenna Jameson fake vagina [Shutdown Corner]

125 Photos Of Women Who Want To Cheer For Broncos Virgin QB [Denver Metromix]

Dolphins exec wanted to know if Dez Bryant’s mom turned tricks [Yahoo!]

14 hours left to spend $10k on original Laker Girls outfit [eBay]

Just Because It’s Awesome: Celine Dion’s waterpark backyard [TMZ]

Ukranian Parliament just found out the Broncos drafted Tebow [BroBible]

6 Guys You Need In Your Brah Posse [Gunaxin]

20 Of The Dirtiest Muppets Photos You’ll See Today – possibly ever [Manofest]

Stoner ends police chase at house where his stash is  – smart! [Regretful Morning]

Today’s Tail:

Kelly Brook. A beach. This red bikini. (NSFW Ads) [BoobieBlog]

Zahia Dehar showing ass via this skirt – brings tears to our eyes [TotallyCrap]

Janessa is a hot chick with a new rack & wants to impress you (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

The Paris Hilton bikini red carpet photos from last weekend’s Vegas party [Guyism]

Olivia Munn even looks sexy when boycotting the circus [The Beer Goggler]

Holy Sh!t! Holly Madison throws hottest housewarming party ever [Don Chavez]

Sexy Chicks Walking Dogs. A gallery. [Uncoached]

Bone Material: Erica Durance sexy screen caps from Butterfly Effect 2 [Nudography]

Trisha Maree’s ass and a soccer ball. Who you got? [Big Smudge]

The Nikon ad that features two chicks in underwear on a bed [NextRound]

Assholes: N.C. community wants to ban thongs from its beaches [Flisted]

…and finally, Candice Boucher has terrible time picking out bikinis [Brosome]

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