Cuff ‘Em: Penguins Fan Robert Abrams (Photo) Kills Wife After 3 OT Loss

Robert Abrams was glued to his television. The Pittsburgh Penguins were in a thriller against the Ottawa Senators and it was getting late. We’re talking very late. 3 OT late.

Then his wife started shit with him about being up way past his bedtime, being unemployed and being a complete jackass.

And Robert snapped. Things got extremely ugly, bloody and fiery. Mr. Abrams gives his full account of the gruesome details, after the jump.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Robert Dennis Abrams, 40, told detectives he pulled a hammer from their bedside table and struck his wife, Jeanette, several times in the head during a fight over “financial matters and his unemployment.”

When she continued to yell and curse at him, he said, he grabbed a knife from a dresser drawer and stabbed her in the chest.

Allegheny County police Superintendent Charles Moffatt, whose homicide detectives investigated the case, offered few glimpses into what he called a “domestic argument,” but he said Mrs. Abrams was upset that her husband was still watching the triple-overtime Penguins’ game late into the night.

The dispute started in the living room about 1:30 a.m., then continued into a bedroom, where Mr. Abrams shoved his wife from behind, causing her to fall and strike her head on a bedside table, according to the criminal complaint. Mrs. Abrams got up and came toward her husband, swinging her fists.

Dude went on to hit his wife 10 times with a hammer and added a few stab wounds to make sure the job was finished.

Um, we’re speechless. Something tells us this wasn’t the first tangle these two had over the years. It was 3-1 Pittsburgh going into Thursday night’s game so it wasn’t “the house is burning down” scenario time. Look, Abrams, you get Game 7 at home if things get crazy back in Ottawa .

Was it really worth spending the rest of your life in a 7×7 cell with no Versus? You won’t even have Internet access to check up on your fantasy hockey team.

It makes us wonder if the Mrs. would still be alive if Sid The Kid could have put one home in that third OT.

[Police accuse South Fayette man of killing wife – Post-Gazette]