Daily Dump: Erin Andrews DWTS Cleav Action, Laker Girls Outfit On eBay For $10k!, NFL WAG Draft, Jersey Chasers Advertising In USA Today, Johnny Damon’s Mohawk, 52 Hot Ass Tree Huggers & A Forearm/Elbow Bra Tribute


That is going to leave some weird tan lines on Kenzi’s beautiful skin.

It’s finally here. The day Tim Tebow figures out where he’s taking the ministry.

Teboner will be holed up at the family compound in Jacksonville, relaxing by sacrificing a lamb and covering his face in the blood as a symbol of the sacrifice he’s willing to make for the Buffalo Bills.

We figure he’ll be a late 1st rounder. BC just prays his ass doesn’t end up in Cincy. Our boys are perfectly fine without some Bible banger interrupting their fun.

It’s also Earth Day so recycle something.



Today’s Dump:

…in case you missed the Erin Andrews cleav action on DWTS this week [Don Chavez]

Want to buy an original Laker Girls dancer outfit? $10k on eBay right now [eBay]

The NFL WAG Draft: Who Would The Rams Take At #1? [Bleacher Report]

The NSFW Futboler’s Wives Nuts Issue You’ve Been Waiting For [NSFWPOA]

Fun! Jersey Chasers® now advertising for NBAers in USA Today  [Larry Brown]

The Hottest Detroit Red Wings Fan Ever! Playboy chick Candace Rae [BroBible]

Johnny Damon returns to being Idiot, reveals new mohawk (Pic) [Bless You Boys]

YeeeHaw! The Ultimate NASCAR wedding at the friggin’ track! [From The Marbles]

Remember passed out Cardinals fan this week? Now see Raiders fan [Daily Wh.at]

The Lawrence Frank f-bomb on ESPN in case you missed it [YouBeenBlinded]

Valley Dental – where the dentist will bone you and clean those choppers [OneQuickBeer]

Today’s Tail:

FINALLY! A tribute to the forearm/elbow bra [Uncoached]

Earth Day News: 52 Hot Ass Tree Huggers! [Coed]

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian bouncing around on rollerblades [BoobieBlog]

Ehhh….Heidi Klum’s new haircut = NOOOOO! [Yeeeah]

An ass gallery in case that has been missing in your morning routine [Dirty Rotten…]

Just sayin’: Kate Beckinsale bends over on way home from gym [CelebSlam]

Would we go Tiger Woods on Lana Lopez? Of course! [Brosome]

We’d love to go motorboating today with Kim Cloutier [Big Smudge]

…and finally, you have to see stoned/drunk flip flop guy at Coachella [Heavy.com]

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