Braves Chick Boob Exposure: When Tube Tops Pop Loose On ESPN!


Our friends at are still investigating this one from last night’s Braves-Phillies game because it revolves around whether ESPN cameras did in fact catch a small glimpse of a Southern Belle’s breast popping out of a tube top.

The boys have cropped images of what they say is a breast getting some fresh air and the crowd’s reaction to seeing titty for the price of an outfield seat.

There is  nothing better than Matt Stafford look-alike guy bringing his chick to the stadium and she shows off a breast.

Images after the jump.

BC boob scene investigators have watched the accompanying video to this one at least 4-5 times and still can’t see the nip action that would instantly make this one a hit.

But there is something going on there.

Braves chick goes for the top grab to prevent even more mountainous exposure. She must not have been too drunk because it was a snap grab. It’s not like she took a huge hit on the play before and couldn’t see the blind side defensive end coming.

She grabs, saves the other teet and shares a huge chuckle with the dudes who haven’t seen breast since earlier in the morning when they were watching YouPorn.

Anyway, just another night at the park where ESPN catches random chick exposing a breast.

Good work, boys.

[Boob pops out at Braves game, men all over look just like these guys]

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