Cuff ‘Em: The Strangest Forehead Scab On A Youth Baseball Perv President Forehead You’ll See All Day


We’re not really interested in this story of yet another sick f@ck associated with a youth sporting group.

But we will address that giant scab on dude’s forehead. Now that gets our attention.

According to The National Post (Canada):

The president of the Weston Baseball Association has been charged with child-pornography offences, Toronto police said today.

Stephen Lane, 65, was arrested yesterday after a man brought a laptop into a computer repair shop last week. It contained “hundreds” of child porn images, police said.

Detective Paul Krawczyk said the images appear to be downloaded from the Internet, although investigators have not viewed them all yet.

‘‘We have seen most of these images before. We don’t believe they were produced by Mr. Lane himself.”

He said police believe Mr. Lane, pictured, volunteered with the league for seven years, but are unclear as to his ongoing role.

Now, what the f@ck is going on with that forehead? That seems to be a giant scab with a little blood oozing from it.

Look, there should be 5 Simple Instructions when a youth sporting group brings in a new volunteer.

• Snap a photo of new volunteer.

• Go on the Internet and visit Busted Coverage’s Cuff ‘Em archives.

• Print out photos from the Cuff ‘Em archives of previous perverts we’ve chronicled.

• Ask 10 family/friends to look at the photos side-by-side.

• Take a vote on whether the new volunteer has any resemblance/visual character flaws that would give indication that this asshole is a sick f@ck. If it’s a tie, he/she gets booted. Majority wins.

In other words, we want to profile these idiots. That’s right, you want to be associated with my kid in any way, we parents get to determine whether you even have the slightest appearance of being a perv. Of course there are the random sick f@cks who slip through.

But, HOW THE HELL DOES SCABBY STEVEN GET THROUGH? There should be another simple rule for baseball/football/basketball coaches/presidents. No forehead scabs.

Scabs tell us you have issues and have no self respect. Medical condition my ass. Ever heard of Neosporin?

That shit clears up everything.

[President of west-end kids’ baseball league arrested for child-porn]

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