The Dripping Wet Matt Barkley Chronicles: Water Cascading Off USC QB's Pecs, Ripped Abs


Now that Tim Tebow has left college football behind for the NFL, speaking/autograph gigs and anti-abortion commercials, there has to be a new cute white guy QB to hate.

Step up, Matt Barkley.

The USC QB is the obvious heir to the Tebow crown as the most hated/gifted athlete in college football.

And now the haters and gays have a photo of Matt to either lust after or Photoshop onto a pair of jorts, thanks to Kerry Colbert’s camera work at this weekend’s Swim With Mike.

For some reason, Colbert happened to be at the swim and snapped/twittered the pic of water cascading off Barkley.

This has to be a man-code violation. If you have a Twit Pic account and there are photos of shirtless men and no chicks in bikinis featured in those pics, you might want to delete immediately.

Have more photos from Swim With Mike that need to be featured on BC? More photos of a shirtless Barkley that’ll drive gay men nuts? Send them in.

[Keary Colbert Twitter]

[Matt Barkley Twitter]

Back row, left.

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