Puke-Tastic! Phillies Fan Arrested For Puking On Teen, Throwing Beer And Screaming Vulgarities

The Phillies opened their season with a bang this week and BC has been chronicling every move we discover.

Bob’s Blitz sent us this one that has just come down via the Philly media. A douchebag was arrested during Wednesday’s game for puking on fans – intentionally.

Captain Michael Vangelo with the Easton Police Department was off-duty when he took his 11 and 15-year-old daughters to the Phillies game Wednesday night.

“When I say disgusting, there was not only insults and vulgarities directed at us, but also beer was thrown at us,” Vangelo told CBS 3.

And it’s only the first week. So much more to go. Phillies fan is just getting warmed up. (Sidenote: Black eye before or after the arrest?)

[Bob’s Blitz/CBS3]