Awesome: Phillies Fan One-Handed Foul Ball Catch With Ice Cream Helmet Sundae In Left Hand

Posted: April 15, 2010

Premise of Video: It’s the 6th inning of yesterday’s Nats-Phillies game. Father and son are enjoying their awesome seats, a beautiful Philly day and one of those ice cream helmet sundaes that all kids want to devour. Shane Victorino is at-bat and pops the first pitch into the first base stands. “DAD! DAADDDD! That ball is coming at us.”

Climax of Video: The quick thinking father, with the sundae in his left hand, goes right hand over the railing snag to get the boy a souvenir. Folks, if we were MLB there would be an entire commercial series using this video.

Conclusion: That kid is totally bragging about his father today at school. Wait a minute, shouldn’t that kid be at school? What a terrible father! (Actually, it was a 3:05 first pitch so he may have put in a half-day)