High School Teen Cheerleader Kasey Ashley Close To Shaking It For Indianapolis Colts Fan

It’s that time of year when some 18-year-old high school girl starts thinking about life, working on that 10-year-plan and how cool it would be to update her Facebook page with news that she was just named to the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading team.

BC has chronicled the disasters that usually come with awarding a spot on the team to a teenager.

Remember the Patriots teen cheerleader, Becca? Yep, flamed out and was off the team by November, if we remember correctly.

How about Patriots teen cheerleader Caitlin Davis? Yep, anti-Semite photos led to her demise. Things got so bad for N.E. that the cheerleading team even updated their rules for becoming a cheerleader.

Indiana teen – and class president – Kasey Ashley is out to prove that teens can graduate high school and shake it successfully for fat, drunk NFL fan by August.

With the help of Busted Coverage and our blogger friends, that could happen. But everyone must help make this dream come true.

Ms. Ashley will perform tonight for judges with hopes of making it to the final audition on May 5, according to the Muncie Star-Press.

Here is where Busted Coverage readers are needed. You have to vote for Kasey right here. Look for #247.

The Kasey File:

• Is her class president

• Student council secretary

• Wants to be a teacher

• Has played softball

• Likes chocolate cake

• Would take a cellphone, iPod and tanning lotion if stranded on an island

Don’t let us down, you idiots. Just think of the smiles on faces in her high school class when those boys pick up a copy of the Colts cheerleader bikini calendar.


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