Dancing Phillies Kid Has Been Watching Too Much BET

Posted: Just before Spring Training ended

Premise of Video: It’s BP time before a Phillies Spring Training game and the in-game entertainment tool with way too much hair gel decides to throw on some Soulja Boy because that song hasn’t run its course in Florida. Anyway, a bunch of white hairs are in the crowd to avoid another game of Bingo at the retirement center. Oh, and there is this white kid wearing a Phillies jersey. Let’s just say he puts on a show.

Climax of Video: The hand maneuvers. The slide. The facial expressions. It’s all here, folks.

Conclusion: Republicans are having a really shitty week. Now this. Pretty soon Jeb Bush will run on a “I’d Ban BET” platform that would totally get the Tea Party vote. If you want to see Ryan Howard reward the kid with a bat, this is your video.