Cuff ‘Em: F-Bombs & Trick Play Fisticuffs Keep Texas Little League Security Forces Busy

Earl Weaver wouldn’t have lasted much longer than Opening Day at a Texas Little League before he’d be in prison.

Word out of the Galveston Daily News is that shit has hit the fan on the ball fields of Texas City Little League. Three coaches have been arrested since March 27 (two for fighting after a trick play) , with the climax coming when a coach, Jeremy Brian Delgado, was cuffed for F-BOMBS during a 9 & 10-year-old game.

“Delgado is accused of yelling bad language at the coach and assistant coach as the argument escalated, Goetschius said. He also is accused of using the same sort of language toward an umpire when he was ejected.

A Texas City police officer saw the commotion and heard some language before arresting Delgado, Goetschius said.”

[Galveston Daily News]