Chicks: Claudia Colucci & Tassiana Arbiza Show Magic Of Rice/Beans Via VIP Brazil April 2010

Welcome to our feature here at Busted Coverage simply called “Chicks” where we feature models, magazine shoots, etc.

If you are a model who’d like to be featured, email us and we’ll be the judge and jury to determine if you are worthy of our pageviews.

Today’s victims/models are Claudia Colucci and Tassiana Arbiza.

Claudia is famous for her work on Brazil’s 2010 version of Big Brother. So the natural thing to do in Brazil is get nearly naked. The next step is to get naked or start banging some random soccer player so stay tuned.

As for Tassiana, she’s just some random Brazilian model with a giant rack that provided filler for the VIP Brazil folks. If only American magazines used such fillers, we’d have 40-50 magazine subscriptions.

[Video: Claudia Colucci Big Brother Bikini Action]