UC Davis Pole Vaulter Vanessa Chin Is The New Allison Stokke

We receive numerous emails each day with some sort of garbage relating to the sports-world. Most of the emails are just link requests from some poor sap looking for love on some Steve Nash video he found.

Then there are emails that are titled, “A New Alison (SIC) Stokke.”

Instantly, our pageview-dar goes off.

The emailer goes on to say that we need to check out UC Davis pole vaulter Vanessa Chin. Something, something, etc., etc.


Shall we put UC Davis Track & Field on the map?

The Allison Stokke craze, over two years old at this point, still has legs. Just do a Twitter search for her and you’ll find guys still discovering the Cal Bears phenom.

We haven’t seen much out of Stokke since BC broke the news of her cowgirl outfit that was, um, unreal. She still ranks #1 on Bleacher Report’s Sexiest Women To Watch In 2010, which means she needs to come out of hiding and embrace the spotlight.

She’s still pole vaulting for Cal but updates have been few and far between. Some guys are ready to move on and our tipster says that Vanessa Chin (UC Davis bio) could be the new Allison Stokke.

Who are we to argue with that statement.

The Vanessa Chin Bio:

• She loves to pole vault

• Is a junior

• Loves God

• Loves to eat

• Is a golfer

• Has bikini photos

• Likes dogs

• Is in shape

You guys take it from here. We report, you decide if she’s worthy of taking Stokke’s title as “The Hottest College Pole Vaulter – Ever.”

If you see this chick on AskMen.com, Spike, or in Maxim, remember who brought you this news first. Maybe a thank you would be in order.

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