The Best Boobs On The AVP Volleyball Tour


Update #2: We’re bringing this one back for today’s Best Of BC. If you’ve seen this post, sorry. Deal with it. The 2010 AVP Tour starts next weekend. We figured now was a great time to remind you of Ms. Snyder’s rack.

Update: One of our great readers says this is Jennifer Snyder and that appears to be correct. She’s 32. For that reason alone we are going out on a limb and saying these are implants.

Beach volleyball remains in our “The Hottest Chicks Play This Sport” list

BC doesn’t make up the news, it just reports for you flunkies.And this time we have two great nuggets boobs from the AVP Tour visit to Hermosa Beach.

Guys, listen, if this chick doesn’t raise your interest in professional volleyball then you are obviously gay and should now quit visiting this site. Leave. This looker (unknown name – please help us) is sporting the best rack we’ve ever seen from an actual beach volleyball player.

And through extensive research, the BC staff knows volleyball boobs.

Are those implants? We can only hope. Then it would seem apparent that this chick is good at a professional sport and doesn’t mind getting a tad bit crazy, if you get our drift.

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