Kentucky Derby Bikini Mud Wrestler & High School English Teacher Sprains Foot, Chats About Her Awesome Experience

Update: We’re bringing this one back for today’s Best Of BC. If you’ve seen this post, sorry. Deal with it. The Kentucky Derby is just 22 days away. Prepare accordingly.

That headline is correct.

Our bikini mud wrestler seen above (left) with the green bikini top has been in contact with BC about her Derby experience and how this episode led to a sprained foot and blogosphere stardom.

Katie (last name withheld for her safety) is a high school English teacher who says she is “sitting, watching my kids test with a sprained foot,” as of this conversation we had about the Derby. Dreams do come true for bloggers. Teachers Gmailing with us while her kids take a test is just about as awesome as it gets, no?

A quick Q&A with Katie after the jump…


BC: So the sprained foot resulted from the wrestling? Was this your first Derby mud wrestling experience?

Katie: Yes it was. I also did a lot of slip n sliding, which could have happened then. It’s crazy And it was my first derby. I’ll be going for the rest of my life and trying to defend my title.

BC: Have you ever done anything like this in public? Bikini bull riding? Mud wrestling at bars, pubs, etc.? You must have had more than one too many to do such a thing? Isn’t this a little risque for a high school English teacher?

Katie: It certainly is, but I had a good time. Funnily enough, I wasn’t really too drunk. I do things like this sober all the time. It started with the slip n sliding. I don’t like the bikini aspect of it, but it was fun anyway. I once ate a live fish on a dare. Basically, life is all about the experience.

BC: Any head and shoulder photos for all the readers out there who would love to hear all about your fun at the Derby?

Katie: (still waiting on an answer…..)

Jesus H…. a high school English teacher who’ll mud wrestle and eat live fish!

Questions still to ask, “Who’s your favorite author?”

“Favorite book?”

“Better sport: horse racing or mud wrestling.”

Anything we’re missing?

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