Family Names Baby Boy 'Tebow' & Dresses Him In Auburn Colors

We’ve been following the first year and three months in the life of ‘Tebow’ a little boy who was given a name that will either forever haunt him or bring him great notoriety.

The name could possibly lead to scholarship offers and a pre-school pro day where he’ll have to show the scouts his Crayon grip and hand-to-mouth peanut butter cracker release.

But what struck us from the Tebow family album was his 1st birthday back in February. It was very strange to find the boy with the UF Florida great name actually wearing an Auburn shirt.

Um, someone in this family needs to do a little explaining. Gator fans will not take this kind of traitor-ing from little Tebow.

Baby Tebow showing scouts his 40-time while carrying a balloon. Amazing!

We’re kidding about the explaining statement. It’s actually quite awesome when a family names their boy Tebow and has him wear Auburn gear.

Wars have been fought over such antics.

The Tebow name phenomenon has been documented by Florida media outlets. But we’ve yet to come across one of those kids who has a parent that isn’t a Gators fan.

From January 2009:

Logan Tebow Bradley was born Tuesday morning at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater.

His father, Tom Bradley, is a big fan of the Florida Gators. He told WTSP-TV that he wanted to honor the quarterback and decided to give his newborn son the middle name Tebow. Plus, he said, it could be a sign of a third national championship for the team.

See, dad is a Gators diehard who likely has #15 tatted on his left shoulder.

Resting up after balloon gassers.

In the case of today’s baby Tebow, here is a real shocker.

Dad is an Auburn fan. Nope, not kidding. Here is the evidence from the recent 2010 SEC basketball tournament.

Of course we’ll be efforting the Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, etc. media to get to the bottom of this. How could a dad who despises Florida possibly sign on the dotted line, naming his boy after Mr. Jorts?


She better have a very good explanation for this madness.

[Baby Tebow – Flickr]

Tebow already mowing grass at 1 & 2 months! Amazing!