Hooters Augusta Par 3 Masters Bikini Contest: The Hottest Contestants – EVER!


Most eyes in Augusta, Georgia and across the country will be on The Masters today as Tiger Woods could possibly compete in the Par 3 contest, according to the local golf nerds.

Down the road 4.5 miles, eyes will be on T&A at the annual Hooters Augusta Par 3 Bikini Contest.

No, this isn’t some party contrived because Tiger Woods slept with 14-15 women. This is the real deal and a yearly look at the Georgia/Florida/South Carolina/Etc. talent that is serving wings and beer.

(Here is your map from the course to the Hooters.)

To get you ready for the action, BC compiled a gallery of the Hottest Par 3 Bikini Contestants – Ever!

Even More Masters Bikini Contest Action!

[2008 Augusta Hooters Bikini Contest – Don Chavez]
[2009 Augusta Hooters Bikini Contest – Don Chavez]

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