The Afternoon Dump: Final Four Fans, Red Sox Can Comeback, ESPN Is Out Of Sync, Tiger Woods Many Faces, Most Gruesome Sports Injury, Leftover Peeps, Audrina Patridge’s Gift For Us, Red Sox Hotties, & Catalina White Is Stellar


I am just drawn to Zaira Nara.

Great sporting events tonight…NCAA Finals and the Mariners opening game.

It’s nice outside, so go outside!

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The Final Four has some great fans [The Slanch Report]
Wow, the Red Sox had a great comeback [unathletic]
Lebron talking trash with KG [NESW Sports]
Serena Williams would make a great linebacker for the Raiders [Guyism]
ESPN doesn’t know its facts all the time [Sportress of Blogitude]
The many faces of Tiger Woods [The Sporting Blog]
Whats the most gruesome sports injury? [Asylum]
So you think your life blows? You have no idea [The Chive]
What to do with leftover peeps [Holy Taco]
Big girl does a faceplant [Regretful Morning]
Audrina Patridge gives us all a great gift [MoonDog Sports]
The great Red Sox hotties [Gunaxin]
Does Alexa have what it takes? [The Hot Quest]
Cataline White looks great [Big Smudge]

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