Red Sox Fans Give Nick Swisher A One-Finger Welcome To 2010 Season


We figured there would be something video-related to come out of last night’s MLB opener in Boston. Personally, BC only stuck around to see Beckett get lit up.

Somewhere along the way Sabathia had the same happen to him. Sox win 9-7.

That’s it. Drop both of them off your fantasy rosters. “Yeah, this is Rich in Yonkers. My buddy offered Jon Garland and a player to be named later for Sabathia. Is it time to pull the trigger? I’ll take your response off the air.”

Anyway, there was middle-finger action last night at Fenway.

Posted: Last night after the Sox-Yankees game

Premise of Video: Jew fantasy baseball stud Kevin Youkilis hits one inside out down the right-field line and Nick Swisher comes over to play it off the wall. It just happens that a couple of diesel mechanics won tickets at work and the seats happen to be in that corner.

Climax of Video: ESPN cameras catch Kurt & Butch giving Swisher the business. What, no pouring beer on a Yankees outfielder? Looks like a couple of guys are rusty.

Conclusion: We’re still efforting fight videos and will update through the afternoon accordingly.

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