Miles Austin & Teammates Enjoying Painted Boobies At Playboy Golf Party

….and the photos of athletes and Playboy chicks just keep rolling into the BC email address.
Today we see that Miles Austin, a legenday Playboy bunny connoisseur, and his brahs from the Dallas Cowboys really admired the paint jobs on some of the logo girls parading their chests around Hef’s mansion.
We’re terrible with names and faces of NFLers so help us fill in the blanks. According to Dallas media reports, Ken Hamlin and Terence Newman were at the party.

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As you’d expect, the footballers were in Heaven because the jersey chasers were all in one room, making it easier to compare and contrast for a guy who can barely juggle daily video game marathons and Twitter updates.
From Chris Palmer’s ESPN The Magazine account of the Playboy Golf party:
“This is the greatest,” Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin said. “You’ve got girls, golf and sun. What more can you ask for?”
Not getting herpes?
That’s something to ask for. Or not getting a jersey chaser pregnant? You get out of L.A. without either one and it was a great weekend.

Identified as a former Cowboys player by a jersey chaser. Could’ve fooled us.

We had to squeeze in this photo of Wes Welker & Ashley Dupre.

Have images of athletes or former child actors frolicking with any of the Playboy chicks?

Hit us up.

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