Daily Dump: Hottest Cheerleaders Of The Final Four, Keri Hilson Butchers Hawks-Lakers Anthem, Odom’s WAG Flashes, Tiger Woods Kindergarten Drama, John Daly To Sell At Masters, Barkely Flips Bird, Lauren Pope’s Back Breakers & Cameron Diaz Jorts


Natasha might be the hottest model/basketball handicapper we’ve seen during March Madness.

Final Four picks:

We’ll roll with Butler and West Virginia.

West Virginia wins a national championship, Morgantown is lit up like a Baghdad neighborhood and Pittsburgh fan’s dream finally comes true. The entire city of Morgantown is wiped out via burnt couches and doublewides.

We’re taking the weekend off. No dumps. No stupid videos. Get drunk, watch basketball and chase tail. We’ll be back on Monday.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the Cheerleaders of the Final Four! [Coed]

Last night: Keri Hilson butchers National Anthem at Hawks-Lakers [Black Sports]

Lamar Odom’s stupid wife flashes photogs in Miami [Flisted]

Even Tiger Woods’ kindergarten teacher has hired Gloria Allred! [TMZ]

Steve Phillips now collecting AOL paycheck just months after banging the ugly chick [FistedFoul]

John Daly all set to sell John Daly crap outside Masters this year [Wei Under Par]

Charles Barkely wants Ernie Johnson to see his big, black middle finger [YouBeenBlinded]

Bernie Carbo talks about how he smoked two joints, drank beer, etc. before games [Boston.com]

Detroiters extremely pissed over scoreboard error in 3-point shootout [It’s Always Sunny….]

Video: Georgia Congressman worries about Guam tipping over [Guyism]

Today’s Tail:

Now those are some cans! Lauren Pope wades in water (NSFW Ads) [BoobieBlog]

Holy Sh!t: That is Marla Maples and those are her abs [Drunken Stepfather]

Gerard Butler sticking a finger into Jennifer Aniston’s butt? [The Nip Slip]

Jessica Jane’s fake rack does Nuts magazine [Don Chavez]

Rosie Huntington-Whitely does photoshoot, forgets to cover nip [CelebSlam]

The craziest implants to ever show up on Tata Thursday [Funtasticus]

Cameron Diaz in jorts, working at a car wash [HQ-Celebrity]

When in Greece do a Greek chick or just hang at club with her – your call [Uncoached]

For Easter: 30 Playboy Chicks In Bunny Costumes [Manofest]

Anna Paquin announces she’ll do a chick just as quick as a dude – she’s bi! [Gunaxin]

How exactly does a chick pick out the stripper name of Teal Ann? [Big Smudge]

Seriously, at this point who on the Internet hasn’t seen the Giant Ass in a bikinii? [The Grumpiest]

Japanese schoolgirls for your Friday. A gallery. [CavemanCircus]

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