Chicks: Candice Swanepoel's See-Through Bra At Victoria's Secret Chicago Launch


Look, we’re going to make our feelings public this morning.

Candice Swanepoel is the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s 21. Is on magazine covers from Japan to Bozeman, Montana.

She appears on the NFL Today show and all hell breaks loose.

Then, yesterday, she shows up in Chicago to promote the new “Nakeds” bra for Victoria’s Secret and our minds were made up. The way we determine the most beautiful woman in the world is to evaluate what she looks like on a Wednesday in March – in Chicago.

Ever been to Chicago in March? The weather sucks. The wind is like sticking your face up to a box fan.

Candice walks into the event and kills it. Of course some gay dude worked over the hair but the smile, the face, the legs. It was all there. BC is beyond smitten. She’s our new “it” girl. Game over.

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