Cuff ‘Em: Sportscaster Bryan McLean (Photo) Arrested For Jerking It On Web Cam


This type of story rarely slips by the brains behind this operation because “broadcaster” and “arrested” are two of our Google alerts that immediately set off fire alarms with BC editors.

Last week, authorities in Pennsylvania cuffed a sports broadcaster for jerking it over the Internet to what he thought was a 13-year-old girl. Ooooops.

Um, no, that would be a police officer who caught radio play-by-play guy Bryan McLean, using the screen name “mdfunguy38,” pounding one out via web cam.

The WTTR (Hanover, Pa.) sports announcer faces five counts of unlawful contact with minors, according to the Hanover Evening-Sun.

On August 25, Eger said, she received multiple messages from both Mclean’s screenname and e-mail account. He asked if she was there, and if she wanted to see “it,” and invited her to view his Web camera.Then on Aug. 27, Sept. 10 and Oct. 13, Mclean showed Eger his penis and face on the Web camera, according to court documents. This was also captured by the screen capturing program.

And on Nov. 23, Mclean asked Eger her age, to which she said she was 13, according to court documents. Mclean asked for photographs, and asked if she wanted to see him on the camera, before saying he had to go make a phone call, Eger added.

Reports out of Pennsylvania say McLean had little to no contact with the minors for whom he broadcasted. That’s comforting.

We can only assume he spends many hours using the Gus Johnson Soundboard and playing on his web cam. The Pa. prison system football team might be getting itself a new play-by-play guy.

[Police say man exposed himself to agent]


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