Ryan Miller's WAG: The Noureen DeWulf Lesbian Kiss Scene You Must See

After posting our YouTube “[email protected] Ryan Miller” video yesterday, reader Ryan in Rochester sent us an email in which he wondered if it was true that Miller’s WAG Noureen DeWulf actually had a lesbian kissing scene.
After some serious research, Busted Coverage can confirm that Ms. DeWulf does go mouth to mouth with another chick which just raised her in our ever changing WAG rankings.
Name another WAG who has given men a scene like this from the hit movie, Killer Pad.
This is the “Hottest WAG Lesbian Kissing Scene Ever.”

The plot for this low budget thriller seems interesting. $13.49 and this hit is all yours.

When three friends find a sweet deal on a mansion in Hollywood Hills, they think they have struck party gold. But their dreams of sexy Hollywood ladies are quickly thwarted when they realize their dream pad is also a direct portal to Hell.

Somewhere along the way Ms. DeWulf and a friend have the devil infiltrate their brains and they must kiss each other or they will go to hell.
So, it’s lip-lock time, boys.
We continue to salute Ryan Miller for dating this chick. Between this chick and kicking ass at the Olympics, Miller went from just some random NHL goalie to an instant stud on the athlete/celebrity circuit.
BC just prays that Noureen doesn’t start getting all up tight. More lesbian kissing scenes, please.
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