Nightcapper: Kiana Kim (Photos) & Pete Rose Talk About Sex Life On Howard Stern


Our boyhood hero Pete Rose was in NYC this morning to introduce his Asian girlfriend Kiana Kim to Howard Stern listeners and talk about how they have sex three times a day, the girlfriend appearing in Playboy and how Pete loves Deal or No Deal.

Of course the legend of transcribing everything Stern,, kept track of the proceedings and gives us this report.

Howard asked if Pete uses rubbers. Kiana said he doesn’t. Pete said they don’t need that. He said they have brains and they don’t need that. Howard asked where he finishes. Kiana said that Howard should see their back wall.

Howard asks where he finishes. He said he should save it and sell it. Pete said he’s trying to figure out a way to autograph it.


Pete Rose can now start drying out his jizz and putting a Sharpie on it. Some idiot would be all over this on eBay. Anyway, Kiana goes on to say that Pete can lick her to orgasm. There are other tidbits of information that obviously won’t impress dickwad Bud Selig. The only way to impress that idiot is to appear on PBS and talk about how fungo bats.

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