Mindy McCready Sex Tape Video Shocker! Roger Clemens Painting In Sex Scene!!

Well, shockingly, a day after news breaks that Vivid Entertainment will be releasing a sex tape featuring alleged Roger Clemens sex partner Mindy McCready, a trailer surfaces.

As you’d expect with the porn industry, the trailer includes the usual Q&A before getting to the real action.

“Roger Clemens….”

Yeah, we are like the typical dude and not listening. Trailer after the jump.


Of course Mindy has released the “I’m outraged” PR piece in order to make it look like she’s not some money-grubbing whore.

And somewhere Roger Clemens is still trying to figure out how his image ended up in the same bedroom where this sex tape was put together. Very strange indeed.

[Mindy McCready Sex Tape – Spike]

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