Nightcapper: Tim Tebow Now Helping With Shopping Mall Marriage Proposals


To all those who were ripping on Tim Tebow for a shitty Wonderlic, we say suck it.

There isn’t too much this guy can’t do. He’s a winner, can perform circumcisions, wows the ladies, throws TDs, runs for TDs, preaches to prisoners and now can add marriage proposal facilitator to the list, according to a YouTuber who uploaded this video over the weekend.

This is Tim Tebow helping Ian Lis propose to his new fiance Sarah Springer in the middle of Tebow’s first professional autograph session in South Florida in Palm Beach Gardens. Tebow had the ring for 45 minutes waiting for the couple to come up and take a photo with him and his Heisman Trophy. He was more than happy to help make the occasion one they will never forget. – MR

Look, we know you hate the guy. You hate that he’s so damn happy and revered. You hate that he is so well spoken. You hate that locker room speech. We get you.

But how can you hate a guy who is so willing to be a good person. Tebow actually cares about you. Will actually take time out of making $160 per autograph to make proposals happen.

This guy really is Superman. We just don’t want him putting on the jersey of our NFL team. Cincy doesn’t need the distractions.



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