Josh Cribbs Plays Playboy Golf Tournament, Hangs Out With Playboy Chicks On Wife’s Birthday!

Josh Cribbs had a busy Friday afternoon and evening partaking in a Playboy Golf finals event where there were barely dressed women flaunting implants and impeccably bronzed legs.

It was truly one of those days that men dream of once they hit 12-13 years old.

Just the chance to play golf with your boys, take photos with beautiful women and hang out at Hef’s mansion will make many men do crazy things.

But Cribbs took that ‘crazy things’ to a whole new level Friday. He partied at the Playboy Golf event on the same day that his wife was celebrating her birthday.

Josh’s gift to his wife? 8 jersey chasers on his arms.

Now, it’s not like Josh didn’t have things worked out with his wife, Maria, before partying at Playboy Golf.

He kept everyone updated about his big day via his Twitter account.

1:43 pm: At the playboy golf tournament… Wow I’m doing interviews for Jim Rome with the actors, players, & playmates….

6:00 pm: Wifey birthday is today I have something great instored right now I’m still at the golf tournament getting tired but still having fun

8:20 pm: Just Finnished the golf tournament…

We assume he went back to the hotel, took a shower to remove all the lotion/body spray used by the ooompa-loompas.

Somewhere along the way Cribbs took time at the mansion to shoot this video where, as you can see, there was plenty of lingerie and boobies flying around.

We figured that would be the end of Josh’s Playboy weekend, but NOOOO, there was more.

Saturday: 10:49pm: About to shoot some footage for Jim Rome at the playboy masion I promise I will behave myself… Wifey is rightfully upset but Ima good boy.

11:26pm: God has truly blessed me on so many levels!!!

And that was that. Another year of Playboy Golf was over.

But there was one last thing to take care of. Dinner with the family last night.

Now that is one weekend that all fathers out there need once in a while. Congrats to Josh Cribbs for being able to cash in on a new contract and get the weekend of his dreams minus the wife.

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