From The Couch: Florida State Batter Takes One Straight To The Nuts


Your blogger here at Busted Coverage used to be a catcher – in baseball.

There is one piece of equipment that goes with you each day, each practice, each game and is your flak jacket. Nothing keeps you comfortable behind the plate like a nice nut protector.

We spent many nights thanking our nut protector for being there after a foul tip found its way into our future family jewels. But then, when it came time to bat, that nut protector came out.

And then this happens.

Yep, this photo is from ACC action as you can see.

The crowd is going to go nuts when they see this one. We’ll send it over and let them lust for a few hours and say what they’d like to do between those legs.

[….via TwitPic]

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