AHL Coach Jim Playfair Needs A New Suit Jacket


We used to work with Jim Playfair years ago before his Calgary Flames days. We once drove his wood paneled grocery-getter wagon to pick up minor leaguers for training camp. After a taste of life in the NHL, he’s back in the AHL and dealing with minor league refs.

Jim was fiery back in the day. And he’s still fiery as you can see from this video that went viral over the weekend after Playfair went nuts in an AHL game Saturday night.

From the looks of things Jimmy is going to need a new suit jacket and some money to pay the league fine that is about to come down for this outburst.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: Playfair doesn’t like that one of his players has been given a 5-minute match penalty. As you can see, two sticks and a suit jacket get their asses handed to them.

Climax of Video: 3:15 mark is when the action gets rolling.

Conclusion: Jim is a really nice guy. Seriously.

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