Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Hand On Erin Andrews Ass Has Us Thinking…


BC and a couple friends were Twitter-ing the other night during Dancing With The Stars and the conversation turned to Erin Andrews and her dancing partner ‘Maks.’

Maybe you know the ballroom dancer by the name of Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Anyway, the conversation centered on the theory that EA and Maks had already consummated the dancing partner relationship. In other words, ‘Are they doing the tango in the sack?’

Then Erin Andrews, via her Twitter account, released a photo of Maks hand on her ass.

There you go.

EA and Maks pose after a training session with Evan Lysacek and his partner Anna.

Maybe we’re reading too much into such a photo but that sure looks like a comfortable position Erin has chosen. And the pouty face? Guys might be stupid but not when it comes to body language.

Our final conclusion to all of this is that the two are in the flirting stage. Maks knows she’s damaged goods, and being the stud he is, figures it’s just a matter of time before these abs are all his.

Or something like that.

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