Hockey Fan Fight! Canucks Drunk Drops Bombs On Anaheim Mighty Ducks Tomato Can

Updated: Video now rotated for easier viewing! After the jump!!
It has been a rather quiet year for hockey fan fights until this morning when someone uploaded a brawl from last night in Vancouver.
The Anaheim Mighty Ducks were in town, the beer was flowing and the fists were flying, especially from Canucks fan.
(Warning: the video was uploaded at this angle. Don’t start bitching at us.)

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]
Posted: This morning
Premise of Video: A classic fan vs. fan fight last night in Vancouver where Mighty Ducks fan, a row below, thinks it would be wise to get punchy with drunk dude. There is a rule to fighting in an arena. Never start brawling with a guy a row behind you. He has a reach advantage. And leverage. You, meanwhile, have to really reach to punch the guy and it takes more energy.
Climax of Video: Make sure you catch the whole video. Canucks dude rips off Ducks guy’s jersey and even tries a straight left. He’s the Ali of hockey fan fights.
Conclusion: This is a great one that is bound to be passed around from work places in Vancouver. It’s so worth the stiff neck.

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