The Afternoon Dump: Beach Driving Is A New Sport, Hilarious Umpire Ejections, Breastfeeding At 8 Y/O, New Joe Biden Haircuts, Farting In Bed, Mila Kunis Likes Packages, Ashley Is Only A Teen, Hot Nerdy Girls, & Gorgeous Military Girls

My eyes are just drawn to Kim Kardashian for some reason.

You would think by college that your vocal fillers (umm, uhh, yeah, like, etc) would be minimized when doing a presentation. After a minute of listening to a girls presentation today I started counting how many times she said ‘like.’ It takes a lot for me to pick that out but it was so obvious. She said it 109 times in the 10 minutes that I was counting. She needs to work on that.

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Afternoon Dump

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