The Afternoon Dump: Old School Sharp Shooters, Kurt Warner Walks It Out, Ocho and Erin Andrews On DWTS, Biden Drops F-Bomb, Gross Female Bodybuilders, Hot Penpals From Jail, Mila Kunis Will Always Be Hot, & Lucy Becker Has My Attention


Victoria Silvstedt can throw like a cannon and has some huge cannons.

There has been a lot douchebaggery posts on the net lately but none of those pictures compared to what I saw today..

I walked into my 930 class today and sat down (keep in mind it was 32 degrees outside). Then in comes some guy that was late to class. He sits in the front row so its hard to miss him and he is a little overweight. He comes in wearing aviators, a tight white shirt, and has spikey hair. The worst part is that he keeps the sunglasses on for at least 15 minutes. Wow. Guess you had to be there to see what I am talking about.

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Afternoon Dump

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