6 Greatest Spring Break '10 YouTube Fights!

“Get up, bitch. It’s your turn in the Port-O-Let.”
You got drunk. You ran your mouth. You dropped a few haymakers.
Maybe you took a few to the left orbital, but once you get back to the frat house at Penn State the stories will be rolling off the tongue.
“Dude, we were outside Senor Frogs and I had this smokin’ hot brunette who was totally digging me when some punk as bitch walks up and starts talking shit.”
“Dude, I dropped him. One punch. The little bitch curled up in a ball and called for help from his boys.”
The fratties that couldn’t afford the $500 to get drunk for a week will look on in amazement. Pledges will bow to you. Soon you’ll run State College. Or East Lansing. Or Gainesville. Or Iowa City.
But did you make Busted Coverage‘s “6 Greatest Spring Break ’10 YouTube Fights?”

No particular order because we hate to differentiate between #4 and #5.
Slick Has White Glasses Busted Off His Head, Buddy Gets Pummeled


Black Guys Pound The Shit Out Of This Dude At South Padre


Looks Like They Attend St. Lawrence School For Girls And Are Spring Breaking In A Forest


Fat Dude Looks A Little Too Old For College, Surfing


Dude, Looks Like Your Nose Is A Little Bloody


Mexican Dude Runs For His Life Before Getting Beaten


New York Knicks Dancer Epitomizes Season In One Awesome Crash
New York Knicks Dancer Epitomizes Season In One Awesome Crash
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