Trevor’s Dump: Traveling To A Whole New World, Shomer Shabbat, The Man With 1,000 Arrests And A Tube Sock Stiffy

Denise figures there is at least two huge upsets to come later tonight.

Day Two of the brilliance that is March Madness.   Let me tell you something nerds.  You haven’t lived until you have done one of two things regarding sports gambling. Either spent some time in Nevada during the Madness or Super Bowl.

It’s a treat!  Just like the bus terminal you wound up sleeping in after your three-team parlay went belly up thanks to Murray State.

Went 1-1 yesterday with the win coming in the St. Mary’s game and the loss in the upset of Georgetown.  Upsets are the greatest and yesterday was full of them.

J Koot has asked me to leave after one too many boner references.  Big Gay Rich offered me a place on his couch.  For some reason I think there were ulterior motives. I will slip away like Ted Kennedy after a car wreck.

Trevor’s Dump:

So what’s the excuse for three-in-the-key? [The Onion]

How do you define crass? The NCAA has a definition for the Nevada Athletic Department [SF Gate]

Do you think Vin Scully has any sick days left? [Yahoo Sports]

Troy Tulowitzki takes time out from sucking to fill out an NCAA bracket [Yahoo Sports]

IT guy wants him some NCAA…right after killing a hot chick [Sports Hernia]

To quote the great Walter Sobchak…Shomer Shabbat! [Associated Content]

And for you math majors that don’t get brilliant film-making-A Video [You Tube]

Speaking of Booze, meet Henry Earl. Once referred to as the “Drinkinest Nigga Brutha in Kentucky”. Henry’s criminal record is a work of art [Monkey Gumbo]

What happened to good old salami pizza? [Oddee]

This is what is called a high-sock hard-on! [Uncoached]

Another fetish for you play five-knuckle shuffle to…Chicks rocking the glasses [Caveman Circus]

Nikki Benz is Canadian via the Ukraine. But everything else are in the right places (NSFW) [AttuGirls]

Nevada, along with a few other states is known as a  “Cowboy State”.  Judging by these chicks it’s not all bad [College Humor]

And before I go back to the casino…One of the hottest and normal chicks in porn. I present to you the short-haired beauty Dylan Ryder  (NSFW) [NovoPorn]

Cuff 'Em: 1 Arrested, Many Drunks In Streets After Ohio U. Beats Georgetown
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