Tiger Woods Sex Toys Earn Pipedream Products A Cease And Desist Order

TMZ is reporting that it has obtained a cease and desist letter from Tiger Woods’ lawyers to a L.A. XXX sex shop where you can buy the Tiger Woods sex doll, the Tiger Woods wind up toy with the golfer jacking it and the Tiger Woods condom.

We’ve checked Pipedream Products this morning and the items are still for sale.

BC suggests you purchase the Tiger sex doll and keep it around until Halloween when this sucker will win you costume contest prizes.

Hurry. Tiger’s lawyers have been pretty quiet when it comes to people cashing in on his cheating. They’ve broken their silence so this could get ugly for Pipedream.

[TMZ- Tiger’s Lawyer — Selling Sex Toys Is a Dil-Don’t]

[Pipedream Products – Tiger Sex Doll]

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