Trevor’s Dump: Let The Madness Begin, Ass Pot, Snookie says Drink Up and New Meaning To The Term Military Hardware



Any of you dorks get lucky and see any of this last night? We didn’t think so.

Colossal letdown for St. Patrick’s Day 2010.  No need to bore you with details.  The bright side was Nevada gave a Shocker to Wichita State in the NIT.  You know it sucked when the NIT was the highlight of the night.

Although I did drink for free so that always helps.

Enjoy Round One of the greatest event in sports.

Trevor’s Dump:

Since most of you wear pocket-protectors and never spend a dime…learn how to throw some coin to your cocktail waitress during March Madness [CocktailDoll]

Not bad for a team that’s playing in the NIT [MSNBC]

How many of these did your drunk ass try on St. Patrick’s Day [Associated Content]

Drinkin’ at Snookie’s gets homeboy dead! And Snookie’s up the Hudson River without a paddle [Radar Online]

Shouldn’t our troops be spanking the enemy rather than the monkey?  [Holy Taco]

I should have read this before last night. How to live with your girlfriend [Made Man]

BUTT Officer, that’s my pot.  We bet the cop was as ASS  [Guyism]

Don’t be a Dick-The 10 Commandments for Guys [Ranker]

Because some of you still have alcohol in your system from St. Patrick’s Day [COED]

Jennifer Walcott has had work done…and we thank her for that [Sports Illustrated]

Has Liz Hurley ever looked hotter?  I have something that is pointing but not to yes [Gorilla Mask]

Cheerleaders have always ranked high on the strokability scale.  Here’s a boneriffic gallery of the beauties of March Madness [Guyism]

And finally we have two words for this chick-Goo Guzzler [AttuGirls]

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