Daily Dump: 2010 National Douchebag Tournament, Watch March Madness At Work, ESPN Herds Basketball Experts Into One Room, Kardashian Shoving Food Into Mouth, NIT Nut Punch, Chicks Wasted On Jameson’s And The Davalos Sisters!


Anna Falchi says to keep an eye on UTEP this afternoon. Take the points, Falchi advises.

Things get tipped off today at 12:20 p.m. with Florida-BYU.

We wish there was a way to tell how many people across the U.S. were watching the games on their work computers. BC will also keep an eye on Wall Street trading action between 12:20 and 12:30. Three games get underway in that 10 minute span.

If any of you are in Vegas right now, please send us a few pics of the sportsbook.



Today’s Dump:

…the other tournament we’ll be following today – the Douchebag Tourney! [Holy Taco]

This will be your most important link today if you ant to watch tourney at work [Sportsline]

Your 2010 Big Dance odds and Michelle Baker’s big rack to help you make decision [VegasGab]

Holy Shit Photo! ESPN has like 40 ‘experts’ breaking down the tourney [The Sports Hernia]

Sticking with screengrabs: Check out this chick spotted at a baseball game [Uncoached]

Kim Kardashian shoving something edible into her mouth like usual [CelebSlam]

Awesome: 14 Drinks Named After Athletes [Sports Pickle]

Video: NIT nut punching action in Seton Hall-Texas Tech tilt [the Sporting Blog]

YES! Michael Jordan & Ben Roethlisberger to be in Tiger Woods South Park episode [You Been Blinded]

Today’s Tail:

15 Chicks Who Got Wasted On Jameson’s Whiskey Last Night [BroBible]

72 Chicks From SXSW – chicks who totally dig These New Puritans [Coed]

The Hottest Irish Chick You Didn’t Take Home Last Night – Nadine Coyle [DJ Mick]

Meet the Davalos sisters who we can only hope enjoy three-ways [Buge Hoobs]

Marisa Miller’s rack (looking larger?) fitting into new bathing suits for 2010 [Popoholic]

Today’s first rounders boring? Go here, start clicking & waste even more corporate time [Don Chavez]

Surprisingly Lili Borden in a bikini isn’t that bad [HQ-Celebrity]

In the mood for some former Miss Italy contestant boob action? Sara is here [NextRound]

Seriously? This is what Jesse James was boning over Sandra Bullock? No way. [Radar]

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