Cuff ‘Em: St. Patrick’s Drunk Michael Georgiana Flattened By Pittsburgh Police, Has Day In Court


There are St. Patrick’s Day arrests and then there is an allegedly drunken Michael Georgiana being pummeled by Pittsburgh police (the video of which went on YouTube) over the weekend when the 23-year-old didn’t do as they told him.

An attorney spoke on behalf of Michael yesterday after leaving court on charges of being a moron – or something like that.

Attorney Carl Parise spoke on his behalf.”He just wants to get on with his life. It’s a learning experience for someone that is 23 years old, and it’s a difficult one that will stick with him for a while,” said Parise.

Oh, it’ll stick with him for years because we now have this video and all its greatness.

Watch as the Pittsburgh fuzz make Michael’s face become a faucet.

According to the police, Mr. Georgiana was kicked out of this bar for getting to the stage where he was being a huge douche.

Outside, he started screaming, flexing and even threw a bar stool, according to the police report.

That’s when the camera starts rolling.

Kudos to all involved for making the great video. We’re happy no cops were injured in the making of this video and that Michael is embarrassed by having his ass kicking on the Internet.

This makes us smile from ear to ear.

[YouTube Police Fight Suspect In Court]

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