Daily Dump: 29 Awesome St. Patty’s Day Shirts You’ll Be Seeing Today, Tiger & A Dance Team, Tebow To Show Off Arm/Pecs, Heidi Klum Likes Syracuse, How To Pour A Guinness, Jordan Carver Pours Milk, Irish Bangers/34Gs & A Business Major With Rackage


Yes, ladies, Jamie works out and is jumping on the Syracuse train to the Final Four.

It’s here, folks. The day has arrived where all you fake Irish dorkwads drink green Bud Light at 8 a.m. and pass out by lunch.

Then wake up again and drink until midnight.

Personally, we stay away from St. Patrick’s Day because there are too many of you who get drunken muscles and act like bigger tools than you already are.

And we’d also prefer to save up our liver for Thursday. That’s like a holiday, you know?



Today’s Dump:

…let’s get this drunken party started with “29 St. Patty’s Day Shirts You’ll Be Seeing Today” including our favorite, Happy F@ckin St. Paddy’s Day [SaltyMilk]

Going to Masters will now cost you more than Super Bowl [TMZ]

We have to sneak in this photo of the Favrenstein [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Tiger Woods Dream Scenario? An entire NBA dance team on his arms [Slanch Report]

15 Sex Scandal Comebacks: How Tiger’s peers handled the heat [BroBible]

How To Write A Letter To Tiger Woods Like A 10-Year-Old [Asylum]

And the Lord said today Tebow shall throw at his Pro Day – all rise! [Legend of Cecilio]

Celebrity NCAA picks – Heidi Klum & Mark Cuban like Syracuse [Sports Illustrated]

Polo News: Just hoping one of these horses bucks off a Kardashian [Official Kourtney K]

Which leads us to Kim Kardashian shoving cotton candy in her mouth [Don Chavez]

Listen Up Meatheads: How to pour the perfect Guinness [Gunaxin]

Toys With Genitalia. A Gallery. [Manofest]

For our gay readership: Man assault cop with his penis [Guyism]

5 Bar Tricks To Amaze Drunk Chicks During Today’s Festivities [Coed]

Today’s Tail:

Jordan Carver pouring milk on herself for no specific reason (NSFW) [BoobieBlog]

A start to our morning – Irish Bangers and 34Gs! (NSFW) [Dirty Rotten]

Hottest Chick Of 2010 That You Haven’t Heard Of? Francia Raisa [DJ Mick]

Candice Swanepoel helps kick off Esquire’s hottest woman tourney [Popoholic]

Ask yourself: Is Kate Gosselin to that hot enough stage where you’d bang her? [CelebSlam]

Kristin Cavallari in a tube dress. A gallery. [The Grumpiest]

We continue our search for the Hottest Australian With Implants [Holy Taco]

Jessica is possibly the Hottest Business Major With A Great Rack [Uncoached]

Because  we miss them & need them – Beach Volleyball Cheerleaders! [Wacky Archives]

Moron Alert: Heidi Montag is just so proud of those mammoth implants [Giggity Greg]

Alessandra Ambrosio should be banned from wearing these pants [The Beer Goggler]

…and finally, the guy who wouldn’t take his hood off – he’s a Jedi! [Regretful Morning]

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