Trevor’s Dump:Chicks In Bikinis Ruin The Big Lebowski, Sucky Islanders Goalie, Math Nerds Rejoice, & Where Was Felix Pie


Two days until St Patrick’s Day. Looks like this guy couldn’t wait!

Greetings from Nevada…don’t be jealous.

This state has no money so thankfully March Madness is here to pump a little green into the Haiti-like economy through the wonderful world of sports betting.  Early projection-Michigan State gets bounced in the first round.

Did Kevin the Intern take a dump in his own school’s Gatorade?  What the hell happened to Purdue? I’m off to check the point spreads.

Trevor’s Dump:

Who else wants to punch Joe Lunardi? [ESPN]

Are you still one of millions of geeks who fill out brackets?  Fine, here are some tips [NBC New York]

Alexander Ovechkin has officially earned the reputation as dirty [You Tube]

Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro cares about his future rather than the present[NY Daily News]

What type of chick shot you down in college? Or for most of you, Kamoonity Kollege. [Made Man]

The Dude abides…Hot Chicks quoting the Big Lebowski. Horrendous delivery! [Holy Taco]

Turned on or weirded out?  My money is on an even split [Caveman Circus]

What’s the big deal?  East Germany has had female weightlifters for years. Oh…they’re hot.  I get it [Uncoached]

Hey fatty…how about cutting back on, well, everything during March Madness [Super Tremendous]

And in case you missed it, Sunday was National Pi Day…No, not that kind of Pi chubbs! []

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