Nightcapper: The Next Level Of Sporting Event Naked Streaking – Dog Shows!


Answer this question: Has your dog ever seen you completely naked? Having sex with the Mrs./GF/Mistress?

If this site is in your RSS feed, we’ll assume you answered yes.

So what’s the big friggin’ deal with nearly naked dude (with a cat beanie over his wanker) streaking the Crufts Dog Show. Sure, this is the world’s top show for women who don’t put out to prance a Great Dane around a fake turfed floor.

Of course the U.K. is going nuts over “The Captain” ripping off his clothes and doing his best to avoid dog show security. By the way, the guy is claiming he was assaulted.

You just have to figure on of those dogs wanted to sniff the cat package, right?


[HT: Sportress of Blogitude]

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